Black Out (Dailys)


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Completely transform your look with these crazy daily black out contact lenses, which completely cover your natural eye colour and blend in with your pupil to give a disturbing and scary effect. Shock your friends and wear them with a Halloween costume to make nightmares come true.

Create a unique and defined look that will be sure to freak out everyone you meet with our Halloween Daily eye accessories. Ideal for all kinds of costumes, you can wear these with your cosplay, for Halloween, parties, and even out and about. Soft and light, these comfortable contact lenses are convenient to wear and are easily disposable, meaning no messy solutions or cleaning is required. These flexible contact lenses are idea for spooky events or occasional use anywhere.

- Sold as a pair

- Last for 1 Day Only

- Wear for maximum of 8 hours

- 38% water content

- Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline

- Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive

- Produced under ISO International Standards quality control

- Manufactured in the UK

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